Thursday, April 24, 2014

Vintage Maternity Inspired by Gunne Sax and Duro Olowu

Most of you would think I'm crazy that I would want a Gunne Sax dress or be inspired by one. But, you see, I have this new found love for bohemian/hippie looks as my baby bump grows. 
25 off sale!  1970s gunne sax dress . 70s pink and white floral full length gunne . by coralvintage

I also have been inspired by last years Duro Olowu mixed print dresses. I just love them, and I have such a difficult time mixing prints and feeling comfortable in chaos. 

Duro Olowu Short Sleeve Print Dress - Lyst
Duro Olowu

Lucky for me, Sabra from Sew A Straight Line, sent me this super cute vintage maternity pattern, dating back to the 1970's. What a sweet sewing friend! Check out her blog, she is so talented. I met her last May during Fabric Weekend 2013. She is super awesome and super sweet! She forewarned me that the pattern was missing instructions, but that didn't bother me. I've sewn my fair share of vintage patterns without instructions. But, this pattern also happened to be missing the front bodice piece.  
No biggie! I got it under control. I used the back bodice piece, placed it on the fold, and used the front neck facing as a guide for the neckline of the front bodice. Turned out perfectly, in my opinion.
Anything is do-able!

I just love view A, but wanted to add my own flair.
I chose two different vintage fabrics, that I though paired beautifully together.

Using the sheer yellow lightweight cotton fabric for the main body of the dress, and a lightweight cotton folk art print for the sleeves, tie, and ruffle. 

The pattern didn't call for a ruffle, but I really wanted one. Gunne Sax dresses always had ruffles at the hem. I needed one too. 

I also had this crocheted trim piece that I thought would adorn the neckline beautifully. I just love how this dress turned out. It's so light and breathable, which is what I need lately. 

27 weeks!

Monday, April 21, 2014

L.A. Sewing Blogger Meetup

Hey friends! I am so excited to share some news. My friend, Erin, from Miss Crayola Creepy and a few other bloggers have pulled together a day for us to meet up and fabric shop and eat and enjoy each other's company. We will enjoy some fabric shopping at The Fabric Store and Mood, and enjoy lunch at Cafe Midi, on June 14th. So if you are in the LA area, mark your calendars, and head over to here to RSVP and more details. Share on your own blogs or other social media posts. I hope to see you there! I'll be the one that's 8 months pregnant......

Monday, April 7, 2014

Maternity, Nursing, and Post Pregnancy Dress

I knew I wanted to make a dress that I could wear as I grow, as I attempt to nurse, and even well after my bundle of joy arrives. I had this pattern, McCall's 6744, for some time now, but just wasn't sure what I wanted from it. I also bought this fabric some time ago from, from the Abstract Knit section. I instantly fell in love with it the moment I saw it. It has an art deco feel, but I didn't want to make an art deco style dress out of stretch knit. It needed to flow and sway. This pattern and fabric are a great marriage for what I am in need of.

I made this dress in two hours! I haven't been able to accomplish that since Lil' Miss stopped napping (worst ever). It's only because I went to visit my Mom, brought some sewing stuff with me, she entertained the Lil' Miss, and I whipped this beauty up. Goes to show how easy this pattern is, and what a little bit of uninterrupted  free time can do for you.  

I'm 25 weeks along, now. The growing body aches for comfy clothing. This dress is super comfy, breathable, and rocks the geometric trend. The pattern isn't even a maternity pattern, so I know I'll be able to wear it long after baby #2 arrives. 

Also, I love that I finally live in a house with white walls and enough natural light. Makes my heart sing! 

Monday, March 24, 2014

Mad Men Challenge Trois - Trudy Campbell

Well, I completed my Mad Men Challenge dress. I'm quite happy with it. As my inspiration, I chose Trudy Campbell. She is actually my favorite female on Mad Men. Her character is the only one that doesn't make me angry. I had to stop focusing so much on the story line of the series, because I would get so upset. I chose to gear my focus on the fashions. Let myself be inspired by them, by the era, and by the social ladders. With Mad Men coming to an end, I'm a little sad. Sad, because there won't be anymore fantastic fashions to look forward to. But, I always have their incredible fashions to look back on.

For my Trudy inspired look, I wanted a dress more like this silhouette: 
But, being 24 weeks pregnant, I had to change some of the silhouette in order to fit my growing baby bump, sort of like this:

I kinda mixed the two together. I was NOT going to wear a sailor style dress while pregnant. I would just feel silly. But, I loved the sailor styles color more. It's a better hue for my skin tone. And I chose a neckline more like Trudy's dining dress and A-line skirt. The puffy sleeves were just an added bonus. 

The pattern I used is a Butterick Bridal and Bridesmaid pattern. I did the bridesmaid option. The pattern dates back to 196, and with the empire waistline, it was perfect to fit my bump into. This pattern was really easy to follow. I avoided the hassle of extra filigree options and just kept it simple and comfortable.

I highly doubt this dress will fit me post pregnancy. I barely fill out the bust as is. But, it sure is cute and I can always save it for my niece or my daughters. 

Thank you Julia, for hosting another great challenge!

Julia Bobbin - Mad Men Challenge III

Monday, March 17, 2014

Sew For Victory 2.0 - Hosted by Lucky Lucille

Rochelle, over at Lucky Lucille, is hosting another Sew For Victory challenge. Last year I was in the middle of moving to be able to participate. I was really bummed that I had to miss out, but am so happy that she is bringing the challenge back. Though I am pregnant, and showing a lot, I will have to think of something I can make that will incorporate my growing belly.

So if you have something 1940's/WWII era you would like to create, come and participate! It runs from March 15th to April 30th. If your project is finished by April 30th, then upload it to the Flickr group.

Head on over to Lucky Lucille's to find out the details for this challenge. I hope to see what you've created!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Mad Men Challenge 3, Are You In?

So this is the first Mad Men challenge I am participating in, and sadly the last. Why is the show ending? I was hoping it would go all the way into the 1980's. Sad news for me.

Anyways, Julia at Julia Bobbin is hosting her third challenge. Head on over, read the details and join!

I'm looking forward to sewing vintage maternity for myself, we'll see how much I get done. The deadline to send in photos to Julia is April 1st. Hurry, get started now!

Julia Bobbin - Mad Men Challenge III

Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Out and About Dress by Sew Caroline, Maternity Edition by Me

I've been making awesome friends, left and right, in this blogging world. I haven't met all of them, but I sure hope to. One awesome friend I made recently is Caroline from Sew Caroline. You guys, she is super sweet and obviously super cute. She has an adoring husband and an adorable Lab. They all reside in Texas, which happens to be my dream state. She also sports my favorite name EVER! In my mind, I call her sweet Caroline (I'm a Neil Diamond fan). So, in many ways, she is a girl after my own heart.

Anyways, she reached out to me to see if I was interested in testing her new pattern for the Out and About Dress. Of course I was! I have been adoring this dress on her Instagram. Every single one she makes is so stinkin' cute. I jumped at the opportunity, even though we were moving the week before it was due. Yep, I got it done in time. I was desperate for something comfy and cute to wear for my growing belly. I finished it 2 days before due date, in a room full of unpacked boxes, on a day my daughter was at school. I had it done in just under 3 hours.

Sporting the 17 week baby bump! I bought this lightweight knit fabric from a friend, who found it at a thrift store. Talk about being "green"! I love it! You can find my review and other's over at Sew Caroline. You can also purchase this pattern now! It's super easy, and very versatile! Check it out.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

2 Months and 2014 Goals

Hey friends! I'm alive, I promise. I meant to have a sewing post up a few weeks ago, but life made itself very clear that there would be changes. We found out that I'm pregnant and am further along than we had realized. Also, we are moving. Finally getting out of condo living and moving onto a house, where I will finally have my own sewing room, and the kids and dogs will have a yard to play in. And no HOA! Anyways, I did have sewing goals this year. They have abruptly changed, but I still managed some goals. I plan on sewing myself clothing I can wear during pregnancy and post delivery - so a lot jersey and stretch knits for me to learn on. I also plan on sewing more for my daughter and the new little one, once I find out the gender. I am excited to be able to start sewing soon, I'm going crazy from taking a 2 month break. So that's the news! I'll see you as soon as I am able. Until then, follow me on instagram - lilbitbeth.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Punk it Up

I have so badly been wanting to make myself a pair of tartan pants, and was having a terrible time finding the right tartan in the right fabric. Finally, after a long search, had exactly what I was looking for. But, I couldn't decide if I wanted them legging style or slouchy style. I first did them slouchy. Bad idea. Don't try this. So I altered what I had and made them as leggings. Much better idea. The crotch is still a little low and a bit baggy, but since they are leggings, I'll be wearing long tops with them anyways. I got some baggage to hide until I work it off.

I wanted to make them feel a bit punk, (since my inner personality and music of choice, and my pre-wife/mommy lifestyle lead me more towards that genre) so I put in some black panels. They were leftover Halloween fabric at Joann's.

This sweater is from Forever 21. I couldn't pass it up. I mean c'mon, it's citron green and it has a big "X" in the center! "X" is my thing. This sweater was meant for me. The letter "X" is a symbol for the straightedge community or gang or crew or lifestyle, whatever you want to call it. I chose a straightedge lifestyle, in high school. I had plenty of family members struggle with addictions to drugs and/or alcohol. I never knew my maternal grandfather. Due to drinking and driving in 1960, he crashed into a tree and died on impact. I knew at a very young age that addiction was in my blood, so I was just gonna stay away. 
My husband is also straightedge, and our chosen lifestyles and faith is what really brought us together.

These shoes are from I was so in love with them when I ordered them. And was so excited that they came in a size 5.5. I have super small feet these days. I used to be a size 6 before I was pregnant with Lil' Miss. Then they just shrunk. So weird. Anyways, like I was saying about the shoes. I loved them. Not so much anymore. I have narrow feet. But these shoes are made for SUPER narrow feet. They fit lengthwise perfectly, but I feel like I have to cut off some toes, when it comes to the width. They are called Drae. Don't get them, unless your feet are freakishly skinny. 

The punk/ska show version of me.

Monday, November 11, 2013

All Things Lovely: Vintage Shop

Today, I would like to introduce you to All Things Lovely. They are a blog and daily deals business, who also happens to feature vintage online shops. From until the 18th of Nov., my shop is up on their site, where I can get more traffic and hopefully sell some items. So spread the word!

All things lovely daily deals

A big thanks to Ashley at ATL, for getting it up and running, even when she was sick. I hope she feels better now!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Mood Love - Fabric Tour

During Fabric Weekend 2013, the girls went to Mood L.A. I did not go this day, I wish I had, but I did have a priority to attend to. But, they picked out a yard of the same fabric to all make something out of, and Leanne got a yard just for me! She is seriously so sweet!

So what's a 5' 1" girl to do with an expensive 1 yard X 60in of beautiful stretch jersey? Well, I wanted my monies worth, so I made two things. A TIGHT sheath dress, and a pencil skirt. I seriously used every inch and scrap of it I could. And am very pleased with the outcome. Both pieces are self drafted.

I wore the dress to a wedding back in May. I seriously made this bad boy in 2 hours.

This dress is so incredibly tight, I have actually popped the seams trying to get it over my ever growing rear end.

This last Summer was not kind to my body. I blame "vacation eating". Having to find every Gluten Free place to eat, and try almost everything on the GF menu.

The skirt, I wore to church a few weeks later.

I popped a seam in it as well.....

I seriously need to get back to cardio barre and morning smoothies routine. Also, time to cut back on the recipes that call for heavy cream. So glad these pictures were taken prior to extra baggage intake.

Check out these blogs for outfits done in this fabric:
(Leanne recently moved, so her post will be later, stay tuned.)

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Mood Badge Blog Winner

Hey all! I have great news. I won $200 spending credit at Mood Fabrics, just because I displayed my Mood Badge. Do you want to win too? Go here for the details and rules
And remember to display the badge on your blog!

Layout 1

I'm really excited to get some beautiful fabric and start sewing with it. Erin, from Miss Crayola Creepy and I are going to head down to L.A. together and shop our hearts out! More on that after the New Year. 

Monday, November 4, 2013

Pantone Spring 2014

The Spring fashion color palette is in!
I know, I got this post up two months late, but at least it's up.

What's your favorite color? I love the Hemlock!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween 2013

Once again, we forgot to get pictures of ourselves in costume. But, we did manage to get pics of our Lil' Miss. She is Cinderella this year. And let me tell you, she looks like a mini replica. I am so proud of myself for managing to make this costume as close to one of her favorite Princesses as possible. I hand drafted the sleeves and side bustles, the bodice and skirt come from Simplicity Pattern 2463, but I didn't follow instructions. I never do. I like to wing it, live life on the edge in dressmaking. I also made her petticoat, from an old slip of mine and some tulle, crinoline, and elastic, so that her skirt wouldn't fall flat. She loves this dress, and loves being a princess.

It was a cold evening.

Happy Halloween!!!!!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Sweet Sweater

This last week, I sporadically bought this soft, stretch knit material from Joann's. It was 50% off, so I justified it. I bought a yard and a half, knowing my plans for it would be small. 
I literally finished this sweater within 45 minutes. You know how I did that?
I used Abby's Sew Much Ado Skipper Top Pattern. I've actually made several tops for myself and my daughter using this pattern. 
I know, I know. That pattern is for little girls. Well, when you're only 5'2" and bustless and boney - it's easy to get away with little girl patterns. So, for those of you who are normal sized women, with womanly parts, I suggest the Seafarer Top. I'll just go cry in the corner of the flat chested world.......
Anyways, I drafted my own long sleeve to add, and whipped it up. Done and done. 
I was hoping to be able to actually wear it, but it ended up being 80 degrees F. Southern California doesn't actually experience Autumn. Nope. We don't really get to wear the awesome Fall fashions until sometime around Thanksgiving. Maybe. 
Don't let this picture fool you. I was actually sweating.